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Ruta del Tempranillo
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Enter the lands of Jose Maria El Tempranillo

The tourist destination of Tierras de José María El Tempranillo, shows throughout its route, the most important life events of the famous Andalusian romantic bandit José María El Tempranillo. The towns that make up the destination are: Benamejí and Jauja (Lucena) in Córdoba, Alameda and Cuevas Bajas in Málaga and Badolatosa – Corcoya and Casariche in Seville, municipalities in which the phenomenon of Banditry stood out and where the legend of José left its mark. Maria El Tempranillo.

The tour of these towns allows us to delve into the phenomenon of banditry in Andalusia, but they also show us their particular beauty along their route, as they all have beautiful natural, heritage, archaeological sites, cultural events, active tourism, rich gastronomy and rural accommodations with a unique charm that make the traveler, in addition to delving into the legend and history of banditry, immerse themselves in the magic of these beautiful municipalities.


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Ruta del Tempranillo


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Ruta del Tempranillo


Ruta del Tempranillo


Ruta del Tempranillo

Cuevas Bajas

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The figure of José María El Tempranillo has become a myth and, as such, appears in romances, couplets, sheets of twine, serials, novels, biographies...

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